NJ Auto Insurance Claims Soar On Black Friday

Black Friday Parking Lot AccidentPost Date November 27, 2012 –  Although Black Friday sounds like a very ominous and scary day, it also marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. It the day when most shoppers embark on a journey of taking advantage of promotional sales offered by every retailer. Black Friday is the one day of the year millions of shoppers gather at the New Jersey’s malls and  auto accidents and NJ auto insurance claims are sure to happen.

NJ Auto Insurance Claim, not a gift wanted on Black Friday

NJ auto insurance company, Progressive Insurance, has seen an increase in parking lot-related NJ auto insurance claims. As all retail stores in the Garden State’s Malls are packed with holiday shoppers, every parking lot will see a build-up of cars. One of the most common parking lot accidents specifically on Black Friday are rear-end collisions involving a driver baking into a parked vehicle . Another NJ auto insurance claim which happens on Black Friday is  hit-and-run collisions. They most likely to happen when a driver finds him or herself bumping their car when you are not present.  These type of people just don’t care and will just go straight ahead and drive away leaving you to deal with the damage and your NJ auto insurance company. In these collisions, having comprehensive and collision coverage on your NJ auto insurance policy can be very helpful. To avoid parking lot-related collisions, it pays to be a wise driver. You can always avoid accident. So, why not avoid one that can happen in a very crowded parking lot?  That can easily be done. Just park your car a little further away from the mall building  where your can will be less susceptible to unexpected damage.


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