NJ Car Insurance Costs For Handicapped Drivers

Post Date August 20, 2012 – NJ car insurance has always been a delicate subject among New Jersey drivers. Auto insurance rates in the state have been on the proverbial roller coaster for the last 50 years.  Because consistently increasing legislation, NJ Car Insurance Companies have been forced to increase rates to the point of NJ Car Insurance Rates For Handicapped Driversnot being affordable.  Recently, disabled drivers have become the focus of NJ car insurance rates.  Those Handicapped drivers with a modified New Jersey Motor Vehicle will be forced to pay more for NJ Car Insurance. Drivers with disabilities in New Jersey will about 30% more for the cost of auto insurance theft and physical damage compared to non-disabled drivers.

Handicapped Pay More For NJ Car Insurance

A study conducted by a group of NJ car insurance carriers showed handicapped drivers are typically charged more for a NJ car insurance policy than non-handicapped drivers. Though it’s illegal to charge disabled drivers higher NJ car insurance rates for the reason that they are handicapped, auto owners with disabilities pay around $2,810 for their annual coverage, which is 30% percent higher than those being paid by non-disabled drivers and auto owners.

This is due to the fact that disabled install very expensive modifications in their cars such as specialized steering wheels, removal air bags, install ramps and wheelchair lifts which are an additional expense for any NJ car insurance claims. Any type of vehicle modification will translate in an  insurance policy premium increase because of adding additional coverage for those respective modifications.

It’s important that those whom are handicapped understand the NJ car insurance carriers are not targeting them as a higher risk driver.  This is just not true.  In fact, those with a handicap and do insure a modified vehicle – statistically have less claims.  On the other hand, the cost to insure a vehicle with modifications is more.  This is no different than the difference between insuring a Chevrolet Vs. insuring a Cadillac.  The Cadillac costs more.


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