NJ Car Insurance PIP Rules Recently Changed

New Jersey PIP RulesPost Date January 17, 2013 –  NJ Car Insurance customers state-wide will be seeing changes in the (PIP) Personal Injury Projection rules that govern their NJ Car insurance as the year 2013 begins.  As I published  in an earlier blog post, there have been many changes in car insurance rules through out the United States of America.  The State of New Jersey has recently implemented new set of rules on their PIP (personal injury protection). The new set of rules included new codes and fees which  impact the NJ car insurance policyholders and the NJ Car Insurance Companies.  The New Jersey Department of Insurance  say the new PIP rules will close loopholes on compensation that will increase the cost of coverage t NJ Car Insurance Policies. The new rules in took effect about two weeks ago.

NJ car insurance rules changer on January 4, 2013

The State of Florida are also seeing similar changes. PIP coverage in The Sunshine State have been faced with large numbers of bogus personal injury claims taking advantage on their generous coverage limits. NJ Car Insurance and Florida have resulted to the increased cost of  auto insurance in both states. Lawmakers in both states have put in place reforms to combat bogus claims in hopes of reducing the cost of insurance that affects both the insurers and policyholders.

The change on Florida PIP includes some restrictions on the $10,000 minimum coverage. Of the said amount of coverage, only $2,500 can be exhausted to treat conditions that will be considered “non-emergency”. The full amount of $10,000 can only be used if such conditions will be deemed “emergency”. Also, the new PIP rules have set a 14-day initial treatment deadline on those injured people seeking for PIP-compensated treatments.


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