NJ Homeowners Insurance Rates May Increase In East Brunswick

"NJ Homeowners Insurance Rates May Increase In East Brunswick"

NJ Homeowners Insurance Rates May Increase In East Brunswick

Post Date  July 30, 2012 – At least four houses may see their NJ HomeownersInsurance Rates increase after they were damaged and four others evacuated.  The fire was

initially identified when firewas seen escaping through the roof of one building in the morning of June 13, 2012, in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Though the fire had become intense, nobody was reported injured in the incident that occurred on Cypress Lane near Helmetta Boulevard and Old Stage Road.  The fire was able to burn two housing units located on the second floor, and brought heavy damages to the other two units below it. Residents of the townhouses were force to flee their homes for safety. Fire officials in East Brunswick reported that the fire started at the 2602 address second-floor unit whose residents, a family with three children, were away. Regardless the reason for the fire, they should see their NJ Homeowners Insurance Rates increase.

NJ Homeowners Insurance Rates May Increase

Area residents disclosed that though the police were able to respond quickly to the scene, it took more than 20 minutes for the firefighters to arrive.  This claim was rejected by Fire Capt. Ron Sommers of the East Brunswick District One.  Township construction code officials, police and fire investigators are still investigating the cause of the incident. It’s important to remember the amount of damage to a dwelling from a fire can be quite severe. Although in every case you can estimate the cost of repair for exterior damage, structural damage is much more difficult.  To find structural damage;  in many cases you must  remove more exterior areas causing additional damage to a structure. Without doing this, you may miss some major damage which could cause a tragedy in the future.  In any structural fire, repairing the building to meet current building code is very costly.  In most of these cases, you will see your NJ homeowners insurance rates increase for at least 36 months.  If you have a Car Insurance and Homeowners Insurance Bundle, you will see your rates increase as well.


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