NJ Insurance Claims And Public Adjusters – Where’s the Benefit?

New Jersey Insurance ClaimPost Date January 8, 2012 – Disasters resulting in NJ Insurance Claims can strike anywhere and anytime.  Of course this is exactly what has happened with Super Storm Sandy which cost several states, including the State of New Jersey billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands people forced to endure property damage, destroyed homes and cars.   Since the damage was on such a large scale, it has resulted in 10 of thousands of NJ insurance claims being filed with NJ Insurance Claims Offices around the state.

Thousands of NJ Insurance Claims filed after Sandy

Trust is a very important attribute. The entire insurance industry is based on trust.  Those whom have a  New Jersey Homeowners or Auto Insurance policy with a licensed insurance carrier trust the carrier will come to your financial aid in times of catastrophe. When a New Jersey Insurance Policy owner files a reimbursement with a NJ Insurance Claims Department,  their home, car will be repaired, rebuild or replaced.  But in each disaster, having an insurance claim can be a tedious process as insurers are faced with large volume of claims.  In this situation, some feel the option of hiring a public insurance adjuster is helpful.  Although this agent feels this is not the case – the choice is always up to you.

What do Public NJ Insurance Claims Adjusters do? How can they be of help in dealing with the losses of your Home? Public NJ insurance Claims adjusters are private and independent individuals who do have experience in dealing with property, fire and casualty losses by aiding NJ insurance consumers recover their insurance money the earliest time if possible.  Please take note of that statement “the earliest time if possible”.  This was a common promise among Public NJ Insurance Claims Adjusters during Super Storm Sandy. Although I heard time and time again, they could not get Flood Claims paid any faster than their own Insurance Agent. Public NJ Insurance Claims Adjusters are independent contractors  and not an employee or representative of an insurance company.  Adjusters can take inventory of the damage property, estimate the amount of damage and negotiate with your insurance company for the payment.

If you have suffered losses on your insured properties, such as your home or your car, you can employ the services of a public insurance adjuster wherein you can agree that they will be paid a percentage of what your insurance company will pay you for the damages.  You may feel hiring a public NJ Insurance Claims adjuster can be convenient for someone whom does not want to deal with an insurance clam, you will be forced to pay a portion of your claim to the adjuster.


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