NJ Protect: “The Newest Low-Cost Health Insurance Option”

Health Insurance for both individuals and business has become a difficult subject for many in the Delaware Valley. As a Business Owner in the  State of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware; I can tell you the price Business Employee Group Health Insurance has gone through the roof leaving many businesses to stop defraying the cost of this expensive insurance coverage for their employees. An unfortunate reality is 2011 is just the beginning.  If Obama Care is not struck down by the US  Supreme Court next year, hard-working business people and individuals.

New Jersey Protect coverage offers extreme health benefits that cost less than any comparable individual health insurance. This is to insure uninsured residents in New Jersey that has less income and those who  need but can’t afford to get health insurance policies. Since it is federally subsidized, pre-existing medical conditions and preventive care will be covered at very affordable rate to the policy holder as of the day a policy takes effect.

What are the requirements?

The federal law established eligibility requirements for those who want to get NJ Protect. You must:

–      You must be a U.S. citizen, national or lawfully present in US.

–      You must be a New Jersey resident

–      You must have been without any creditable coverage for at least 6 months; and

–      You must have a pre-existing medical condition;

Note: You should remember that you must be able to present legal documents of the abovementioned requirements to confirm you are legible for the insurance policy.

How to prove that you are a United States citizen?

For you to prove that you are a legitimate citizen, you should be able to any of the following:

– a copy of your birth certificate

– your passport information

– a certificate of citizenship

– a copy of your naturalization certificate

 How to prove you are a New Jersey resident?

You would need to have a New Jersey driver’s license, utility bills, mortgage or rent bills, and bank statements.

How to prove that you are a non-citizen national?

You would need to present a copy of a U.S. passport that shows your national status.

– Mike