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No Fault Car Insurance In Florida Needs Reform

No Fault Car Insurance In FloridaPost Date December 6, 2013 – Since instituting reforms to the no fault car insurance in Florida law last year, some parts of the reform are being blocked temporarily by a court decision.  Florida lawmakers are now thinking about abolishing the reform to all parts of no fault car insurance in Florida.

No Fault Car Insurance In Florida may soon be abolished

Proposals are being made to scrap the law for no fault car insurance in Florida. If No-Fault Car Insurance in Florida is abolished, a tort system will mandate bodily injury coverage coverage be purchased by all those driving a registered vehicle in the state.  Parts of the personal injury protection (PIP) reforms that were about to be implemented were blocked by a temporary injunction order by a Florida Court. The said part is intended to put cap on the medical benefits paid out for those who would have non-emergency injuries. It would also exclude treatment coverage massage therapists and acupuncturists.

These reforms to the no fault car insurance in Florida were instituted with the intention of bringing down the prices of auto insurance which happens to be one of the most expensive states in the US.

According to the chairman of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, the injunction has resulted in uncertainty in Florida’a insurance industry.  Florida Officials  are proposing  the $10,000 PIP coverage in the No Fault car insurance in Florida be replaced with liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. Though expressing some doubts on the obstacles the changes would have, some representatives in the auto insurance market are saying that it may now be the time to abolish the no fault system. The executive director of the Personal Injury Federation of Florida says the legal challenges from these reforms and feels it’s time to abolish no fault car insurance in Florida.

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