Nor’easter Adding Headache To Sandy’s Victims

Most of the people living on the states greatly affected by Superstorm Sandy on late October have not yet recovered from its aftermath and yet there comes a nor’easter snow storm on Nov. 8, that have aggravated the misery of those living in New Jersey and New York as they experience another series of power blackout.

Many New Jersey and New York residents who have already enjoyed power after days of blackout had again experienced power interruption. Around 750,000 electric consumers from Brooklyn to the storm-battered areas of Jersey Shore to Connecticut were engulf in total darkness after some power lines were down, leaving many homes without electricity with temperatures near freezing.

But at least, the snow storm did not brought further devastation to the Sandy-battered states, as a home without power is better than a homeowner losing his or her entire home to strong winds and flooding.

The situation after the snow storm had even left many people without news in the outside world. One homeowner in New Jersey did not even know who won the recent US Presidential Elections as he was cut-off of the news due to the power blackout.

The snow storm had also stalled recovery efforts to those affected by Sandy including that of restoring power to some areas greatly affected by the superstorm. The nor’easter have also affected some businesses who should have already resumed operation.

All constructions as part of recovery efforts in New York City were suspended prior to the snow storm that brought gusting winds, snow and rain. Around 1,300 flights in and out of NY metropolitan area were also cancelled.

Superstorm Sandy had left the United States with over a hundred people dead and scores more outside the U.S. It had also caused property losses amounting to almost $20 billion. Greatly ravaged by the storm are the states of New Jersey and New York.