ObamaCare Dead On Arrival With Most All Business Owners

Friday’s Post 1/6/12 –  The bottom line is;  business owners in the United States have no plans to buy health care plans from or through the Federal government when Obama Care becomes fully available in 2014.  The majority of those business owners polled think there’s no reason for the U.S. Federal Government to require medical coverage under the new healthcare law. The survey revealed over 90% of small businesses have no intention of buying into any type of government-backed health insurance plans because they believe the Fed will not do their best to compete with traditional private health insurance companies. This will end any type of competition in the future – leaving the government to dictate the level of healthcare we can expect. Many supporters of the law say it’s just like requiring a person to by car insurance if they was not drive.  This agent whom has marketed Auto insurance for the past 20 years feel this is a poor analogy and makes no sence.  Driving a car on the streets and highways of the US is a privilege – not a right.  If you drive a car with out auto insurance and damage someone elses property; you have a responsibility to correct your mistake.  If you don’t carry health insurance, the only person you hurt is yourself.

The Small Business Administration explains that most of these business owners think the new law will mean businesses have far less choice with regards to choosing a private insurer, and that the available pool of insurers would have no restrictions when it comes to premium increases. Should the government decide that private carriers should not operate in the business space at all,  they would have the right to do away with the private model of insurance in its entirety. The very few owners who would buy the new government-backed plans, would do so because of the belief that this form of health care would take precedence over the traditional model.  Many of the elements of the new health care plan  may be deemed outside of constitutional authority after review by the Supreme Court. Almost half of those surveyed agreed that the price of health premiums would most likely take an upward turn over the course of the next two years. The survey pool included over one thousand proprietors of independent businesses which have already seen massive increases in the businesses health insurance premiums.  Mostly all the health insurance carriers understand the new healthcare mandate will cost customers more – not less.  This is a huge price to pay considering the majority of both consumers and the voting public have no interest in government healthcare.


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