Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange – Not in PA

Obamacare Health Insurance ExchangePost Date December 30, 2013 – Insurance regulators in the state of Pennsylvania announced an Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange may not be available for PA Health Insurance buyers. The original plan was to have a state-administered Obamacare health insurance exchange available by January 2014.

Coverage In Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange Will Cost More

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department states the online Obamacare health insurance exchange has been halted due to the high cost and many details which the PA Insurance commissioner says has to many unanswered questions.  Although asked on a number of occasions, the federal government has refused to answer many questions. Pennsylvania Insurance Regulators say they want Pennsylvanians Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange buyers to make informed decisions about their health coverage and don’t want buyers to make poor choices. The Obamacare Health Insurance exchange is being hotly-debated.  With the said the state does have the right to run their own health exchanges. If the state of Pennsylvania will not choose any of the two options above, the federal government will then put-up and run an exchange in the state by year 2014. There are those in the state of Pennsylvania whom are uninsured and/or under-insured which are hoping for the development of a state-run health exchange. They say this will provide Pennsylvanians with health insurance which can be tailored to their needs. Last year, a study ordered by the PA Insurance Department estimated that not less than 2 million Pennsylvania residents will be able to benefit from an online health insurance exchange where they can shop and buy their health insurance policies. One of the concerns that the PA Insurance Department is facing is the so-called “lack of guidance” from the federal government regarding the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange. With this said, it will be impossible for PA to build an exchange and have it running by 2014.