Officials Warn About Schemes Using Nevada Auto Insurance

Fraudsters are on it again and this time they have set their eyes on Idaho residents.

Just recently, Capt. Kevin Fonnesbeck of the Bannock County Sheriff in Idaho reported that there are some residents who have been receiving notices that really look official, posing to have come from the state’s Department of Insurance. Said notices are demanding residents to renew their vehicle’s registration and driver’s license through online.

Fonnesback said that the new scam is only a means for fraudsters to acquire a person’s credit card information. The said notices command the receiver to renew their vehicle’s registration or their driver’s license by logging in into to two different websites, and of course, with the use of their credit cards.

The notices also bore a line saying, “We strongly urge you to renew at least two weeks prior to your expiration date in case of system issues.”

The sheriff pointed out that the notices only give the public an e-mail address and websites and that there is no phone number to contact who have sent it which is already an indication of a scheme. Fonnesback advises the public to be careful about such notices. He said that there should be phone number as a means to validate what have been sent. People should not respond right away to such notices not until it is validated that it had really came from concerned state agency.

Residents who have already received the scheming notices are advised to contact their local law enforcement agencies, or the Department of Transportation. For concerns on Idaho vehicle registrations, one may contact 208-334-8649, or for driver services at 208-334-8735. Residents can also check out the Idaho Department of Transportation online through

Schemes similar to this one have already been observed on some states usually targeting credit card information from unsuspecting consumers.