Ohio Car Insurance Companies Concerned about Deer Population

Deer and Auto AccidentPost Date September 30, 2012 – Although Deer may be good for pulling Santa’s Sleigh or a Front Yard Christmas Display; they are not very good in large numbers when mixed in with automobile traffic.  Ohio Car Insurance Companies need their customers need to be focused on being careful on the Buckeye States Streets, Roads and Highways as deer numbers grow during this mating season. Ohio car insurance companies concerned about the 2012 – 2013 Deer Mating Season say the months of concern start on October 1 and end January 30.

Ohio Car Insurance Companies Warn Motorists About Deer Collisions

Many Ohio car insurance companies have warned it’s auto insurance customers about deer-related claims and how to do your best to avoid.  Though records from Ohio car insurance companies show Deer related collisions dropped by over two percent  since 2010.  Ohio car insurance companies data show  there were 23,000 car crashes involving private passenger automobile and wildlife and in Ohio. Most of these accidents were with Deer and resulted in all types off personal property damage. In addition  to nearly a thousand deer accident related  injuries;  nearly 500 of these incidents when the roadways were dark. Ohio car insurance companies Collision and Comprehensive insurance coverage can be used to cover an Ohio auto insurance claim.  A car collision with any type of animal can be very, very expensive.  The Insurance Information Institute (III) estimated that Ohio car insurance companies pay an average Deer claim of $3000.00.

Five years ago I had a Deer related auto accident here in the State of Pennsylvania.  While I was traveling down a road close to my home in Bucks County PA, A deer jump onto the hood of my car and almost came through my windshield.  The damage to my car was extensive.  Not only did the auto insurance company pay to replace my windshield and Hood, my interior had to be cleaned when a 24 oz cup of spilt coffee was left to sit for days on my interior while sitting in the Body Shop Yard.


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