Ohio Car Insurance Policy Issues Over Traffic Cameras

Photo EnforcedPOST DATE Wednesday October 18, 2012 – Ohio car insurance policy holders and shoppers alike will have a new concern Ohio’s streets highways.  All over the country drivers are having to contend with a new type policing method being used by law enforcement.  This method has many Cincinnati, Ohio residents angry and annoyed.  Anytime the government uses a “Big Brother” methods to watch over and control our behavior;  is not a method we usually approve of.  At the top of that list is the use of video technology or what commonly called “the camera.  Camera’s have been installed on one Cincinnati, Ohio road in an attempt to help police the area.  Of course this is merely code for generating revenue .  The bottom line is; law enforcement installs camera’s on roadways to record motorists.  There hope is to catch drivers speeding and/or breaking other laws so an expensive ticket can be mailed to their home.  As of one month ago; from one camera installed in one Cincinnati, Ohio street nearly 7000 citations with fines of $105.00 were sent to Ohio Drivers.

Ohio Car Insurance Policy holders are not happy

The problem with this system is the ramifications it has on Ohio Drivers beyond a pricey ticket.  Where many would just pay the fine and move on with their life; what if the camera is not calibrated properly. Thousands of tickets will be issued to those whom are not guilty and those same Ohio car insurance policy holders will see an increase in their Ohio car insurance policy rates.  Without a Police Officer issuing the summon’s, how does one go to court and argue and argue their innocents?

Ohio law enforcement spokesman says “the system is working and unlike that time when the cameras were still newly installed, the number of speeding citations have gone down recently”. “That means fewer people speeding,” Again this is only my opinion, but is it possible the drop in citations is as a result of complaints.  It’s interesting to note;  if not of the two-week trial period for the camera system, the number of speeding tickets issued would be three times the amount. During that trial period, no citations were sent to Ohio Car Insurance Policy holders.


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