Ohio Car insurance Rates Drop As Deer Herds Thin

Ohio Car Insurance RatesPost Date January 27, 2014 – I have always wondered why Deer don’t seem to evolve and stop crossing roadways and get run over by cars and trucks. Based on some statistic recently found is Ohio car insurance rates.  It’s possible or cotton tailed friend have learned their lesson of not going head to head with cars.  On the other hand Ohio car insurance rates are showing maybe its the other way around. Whatever the truth; Ohio car insurance rates show the number of deer-auto collisions within the state of Ohio last year have fallen to four percent compared  in 2013 to the numbers in 2012.

Ohio Car insurance Rates Reflect insurance companies are paying our much less for Deer accidents

The data which was released by Ohio auto insurance carriers,  deer and vehicle accidents, showed that there were just around 50,000 collision incidents reported to the authorities in 2013 These crashes however have resulted in the to deaths of eight individuals and have injured close to 2000 people. Deer-auto crashes have also resulted in property damages.

Deer-auto collisions is not only a headache among driver. It can also be a headache among insurers. The auto insurance law in Michigan requires that auto insurance policies shall provide unlimited and even lifetime medical benefits to state policyholders who would be injured in a crash, including that of deer-auto collisions.

The statistics show awareness among the public about the increased hazard of deer on roads especially that those animals are most active during their mating season and such have already begun.

In the Great Lakes State, the Alcona County which contains a large part of the Huron National Forest has the highest rate for chances of deer-auto collisions which is one in every 22 residents. The lowest chance for such collisions can be observed in Wayne County which is an urbanized area, with the rate of one crash in every 4,700 residents.

Buck-eye state Deer Crash Coalitions advises drivers that in the event that deer-auto collisions are unavoidable. Driver’s should try hard not to swerve the vehicle, to step on the brakes firmly and as much as possible stay in one’s lane so as to not aggravate the consequences. A common misconception is the Comprehensive coverage on any Ohio auto insurance does cover deer-auto collisions.