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Oregon Auto Insurance Rates Subsidies Counterfeit Auto Parts

Fake Auto PartsPOST DATE October 25, 2012 – Many voters across the United States last night watched the 3rd and last  2012 Presidential Debate in Florida.  One of the subjects which was front and center for President Obama and Governor Romney was the subject of China and their unfair trade practices.  Beyond massive money manipulation which is a huge part of our China trade problems; Counterfeit  products including Auto Parts are flooding the US Market.   These fake auto parts, including Counterfeit Auto Bags are tremendously profitable and those paying Oregon Auto Insurance Rates are making that even more possible.  Although these counterfeit airbags may save you some money on your Oregon Auto Insurance Rates;  having installed the wrong airbags such as those counterfeits may put your life in peril.

Oregon Auto Insurance Rates Subsidies Counterfeit Auto Parts

Oregon auto insurance rates are paying  thousands of vehicles on their roads and highways that have airbags and dangerous counterfeited auto parts. The risks of having counterfeited auto parts replaced in your car over the last three years is higher than any other time in history.  Your legitimate auto repair shop may not even know they are installing fake parts. If your auto insurance carrier is paying for the repair, your Oregon auto insurance rates are paying for the replacement being performed by national auto repair shops and your vehicle dealership.  Luckily;  there have been no injuries or deaths attributed to counterfeited auto parts including airbags.  It’s not clear if law enforcement is looking into car accidents and if the auto parts are counterfeit.  Statistics show air bags do not save many lives  per year.  Regardless of severity;  around 1.5 million airbags were deployed in tow-away crashes last year.  Counterfeit auto parts always present themselves as genuine. They appear as manufactured by the automakers or as major auto equipment manufacture to fool those purchasing those products.  Hopefully over the next 4 years, either administration will do their best to slow the pace of Oregon auto insurance rates subsidizing counterfeit auto parts.


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