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Oregon Auto Insurance Rates Vs. Consumer Credit

Oregon Auto Insurance RatesPOST DATE OCTOBER 15, 2012 – Consumer credit has become a very important discount factor when shopping for the lowest Oregon auto insurance rates. Consumer credit can both help and hurt your chances of securing  you and your family better Oregon auto insurance rates than you currently have. Unfortunately, the economy over the last 4 years has created a poor financial forecast.  Federal Bankruptcy filings in 2011 show the economy has not been good for many Oregon auto insurance buyers.  In 2012, the percentage has improved, although the fact remains that many have filed for bankruptcy.  In 2012, there were over 1,267,167 non-business bankruptcy filings in the entire United States.

This brings us back to our topic:  Oregon Auto Insurance Rates Vs. Consumer Credit

What happens to your Oregon auto insurance rates when you would file a petition for bankruptcy? As you may be aware, when you file for Bankruptcy, you are looking to relieve yourself of an unmanageable debt load. Although getting rid of the debt will help you manage your income; you may find your Oregon auto insurance rates increasing. Many reading my Blog Post today have experienced the situation themselves. Using consumer credit is a responsibility factor used to determine Oregon Auto Insurance rates. If you, your spouse or both have  filed for federal bankruptcy protection – having a bad credit score will be the end result.

I want to stress one issue;\:


In fact, one call to (800) 807-0762 will provide you with Preferred Oregon auto insurance rates from at least one of the 30 car insurance carriers in our Property & Casualty Insurance Companies.  Many car insurance shoppers need to keep in mind there is many ways to lower your car insurance rates. Shopping your rates for an Apples for Apples comparison is the most important.  After we are able to bear you current rates, we can the discuss changes you want to make to your coverages and limits.


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