Own A Honda? Be Aware Of The Recall

Honda Motor Co had just announced a recent recall of over 400,000 vehicles due to a glitch in their airbag system.

The Japanese automaker announced that the recall will affect their Odyssey minivan which were sold in the United States and three other countries. The reason – there’s a glitch in the computer chip that controls the airbag deployment.

In particular, affected by the recall in the US and Canada are around 342,000 Honda Odysseys 2003 and 2004 models. Aside from the Odyssey, also affected are the Acura MDX 2003 model, 55,935 of which were sold in the US.

Reuters reported that the recall was set in placed after Honda learned that the airbag control units of the said vehicles might malfunction when receiving electrical interference from other parts of the car. This glitch may result to an involuntary airbag deployment. The control chips were reported to have been supplied by TRW.

Though there were no car crashes that have been reported to be related to the said glitch, Honda said that there have been a number of cases of injuries such as abrasions on fingers and hands. Apparently, Honda received a “small but increasing number” of abnormal airbag deployments concerning the said vehicles.

Consumers who own the above-mentioned Honda cars are encouraged to bring in their vehicles to the nearest Honda service centers for servicing so as to prevent any untoward incidents in the future. Recalled vehicles will have a new electrical signal filter which will prevent the said problem. When recalled, servicing for the vehicles will only take an hour or less.

This recall is the second involving Honda Odysseys. In 2011, there was massive recall over the 2003 model Odysseys as there was a need to replace the inflators on the driver’s side. After that, another recall also took place for replacement of ignition switch.