PA Auto Insurance Fraud Charges Pending Against Foolish Customer

Auto Insurance Fraud in PennslvaniaPOST DATE October 22, 2012 – Once again I present a very silly story.  A story of PA auto insurance fraud charges being brought against PA auto insurance customer. Why Silly? Anytime you attempt PA Auto Insurance Fraud, it’s silly!  Pennsylvania Law Enforcement have filed charges against a woman who was reported to have perpetrated Pa auto insurance fraud after an auto. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office  filed charges against a women on Friday, October 19, 2012. Regina Whitehead a Philadelphia whom maintained a PA auto Insurance Policy was arrested that on the same day the PA Auto Insurance Fraud Charges were brought – although the accident occurred in 2011.  Even sillier,  she perpetrated the crime while riding the ambulance while on the way to the hospital immediately after accident.

PA Auto Insurance Fraud Is Stupid

In the charges, Whitehead called her car insurance company while she was on the way to the hospital.  During the call to her auto insurance agent, she added rental car coverage, comprehensive auto insurance, and collision auto insurance coverage to her auto insurance policy. In the criminal complaint filed against Whitehead in the October 2011 crime, the charges indicated that she did not have collision, comprehensive or any of the other PA auto insurance coverage for her vehicle at the time of the accident. The defendant filed an insurance claim to her PA Auto Insurance Company within in days following the incident but lied where the accident occurred.  She told the PA Auto Insurance Claims Department the accident she was involved in transpired after she had added the insurance coverages.

Currently, the Whitehead is being charged with PA auto insurance fraud and criminal attempt to commit theft by deception. She has already undergone preliminary arraignment in Bensalem Magisterial District.  Whitehead has been released on a $10,000 bail. Whitehead’s case will be prosecuted by Senior Deputy Attorney Robert LaBar of the Attorney General’s Insurance Fraud Section.


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