PA Auto Insurance Rates And Rating Factors

Post Date August 26, 2012 – PA Auto Insurance Rates use many different factors to determine a drivers final premium.   These rating factors are then calculated and PA Auto Insurance Rates & Factorsapplied toward  a group of drivers whom share similar rating characteristics. Pennsylvania Car Insurance Companies then set PA Auto Insurance rates for that group based on the risks and  auto insurance claims made by the group.  Each Pennsylvania car insurance company use the identical factors when pricing  PA auto insurance rates. Although they all use the same factors, all their PA Auto Insurance Rates are different.  The following are the factors that insurers use in calculating your auto insurance premium:


• Age, gender, marital status – statistics have shown particular groups have more auto accidents.  Single male drivers under the age of 25 are one on these groups.

• Driving record – drivers who have had their share of accidents and traffic violations are being considered a higher risk which will reflect in their PA Auto Insurance Rates.

• Location – the place where you garage your vehicle is taken into consideration by car insurance companies.  Each location; Urban or Rural has a higher or lower possibility of accident due to traffic or loss due to theft or vandalism. In most cases, city drivers pay higher PA Auto Insurance Rates than those driver in the country.

• Year, Make and Model of  your Car is also being considered –  the value and the cost of repair the insurer would need to defray at the time of an accident loss.

• Mileage – the distance that you with driver your over a 12 month period.  Other mileage risk characteristics relate to the type of mileage being driven.  Is the distance  Work related or pleasure. The more mileage you cover, the more your PA Auto Insurance Rates will be.

• Household information – when buying an auto insurance policy, that policy may include insurance coverage for you as well as other members in your household regardless if they drive your car or not.  PA Auto Insurance Rate include the number of household members, their age and their driving record.

• Credit history – PA auto insurance providers also look at your financial status. Your credit rating and how timely you pay your bills is an amazing predictor of future auto accidents.  If one is able to pay their bills on time, they are not prone to worrying about their finances.


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