PA Insurance Points For Deadly Driving Behaviors

PA Insurance PointsPost Date February 1, 2014 – A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that most PA Drivers desire to observe safe driving practices.  Other PA Drivers will be assigned PA Insurance Points for their deadly driving behavior.  Texting, talking on a hand held Cellphone, Shaving, putting on lip stick; all these are considered deadly driving behavior and will earn you PA Insurance Points.

PA Insurance Points will cost you much more for your PA auto Insurance policy

We all understand these simple acts are common place for many drivers in PA.  Other states have  taken steps to regulate these simple habits by creating laws to punish those drivers who continue texting while driving and practice other distracted driving habits. The survey shows drivers feel texting  while driving is a serious threat.  Sadly, nearly 40% of the drivers also admitted they text, call, and e-mail while they drive. Others also admit to Drinking and Driving.  This will earn you more than PA Insurance Points; you will lose your license and go to jail. All drivers consider driving after having a drink to be serious a threat. Although unacceptable,  nearly 15% of all drivers whom admitted to have driven a vehicle although aware their alcohol level is legal allowed limit.

There are other deadly driving behaviors which don’t seem as serious.  Of those PA Drivers surveyed, one out of four drivers admit that they do drive without wearing their seatbelt, run red light and Speed above the post speed limit. Speeding over the  posted limit especially on highways and even in residential roads tops the list. Three Quarters of all drivers say speeding is unacceptable.  Still, 15% of those drivers report speeding at least 15 MPH over the post speed limit.  percent of these drivers admitted that they have done it so. Almost all drivers consider it to be unacceptable to run through a red light but 37 percent admitted to have done it.