PA Not Sure To Meet Deadline For Health Insurance Exchange

As the United States Supreme Court uphold the Affordable Care Act, authorities in Pennsylvania cannot guarantee that it can build a health insurance exchange by the January 1, 2014 deadline.

The Affordable Care Act intends to cover many Americans who lack health insurance policies by the start of 2014. Key component to this health care reform is the establishment of health insurance exchanges in each state which will provide the people with an avenue to compare and shop for coverage.

When asked by reporters if Pennsylvania will be able to meet the said deadline, Rosanne Placey, spokesperson for the state Insurance Department said, “Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that.”

Placey also said that state officials must first sort through the ramifications of the said law and figure out the best path for Pennsylvania.

As can be recalled, PA Governor Tom Corbett, while he was still the state’s Attorney General, was among the group of attorney generals who challenge the Affordable Care Act. Corbett expressed his disappoint over the Supreme Court’s ruling and sad that he “will work hard to limit the law’s negative impact in Pennsylvania.” The governor believes that the said law will result to an increase on health care costs and will hurt businesses.

Following public hearings, Pennsylvania will build its own health insurance exchange rather take the option of creating a federal exchange. The state had already applied and obtained grants that will be used in creating such exchange.