Pennsylvania Health Insurance Carrier Names New CEO

Post Date July 1, 2012 –  Anyone whom follows my Blog read a few weeks ago read about the demise of a Health Insurance Carriers CEO over an extra marital affair

Insurance Carrier Names New CEO

Insurance Carrier Names New CEO

with a fellow co-workers wife.  Highmark Inc., the largest health insurance company in Pennsylvania recently named Kenneth Melani’s successor as its new chief executive officer.

Health Insurance Carrier Names New CEO

Coming in to Highmark’ Inc., Dr. William Winkenwerder   is expected to bring along with him his substantial experience in health insurance operations, medical care delivery, and the national health policy. Prior to his recent appointment, Winkenwerder served as CEO to Winkenwerder Company, an Alexandria, Va.-based consultancy firm which he founded in 2007.  His company offered strategic consultancy services to various health care companies throughout America.

Before building his own company, Winkenwerder served as Asst. Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs in the United States Department of Defense from 2001 to 2007 where he was tasked to led the US military’s health care system overseeing its network of physicians and hospitals all over the globe.  Aside from those experiences, Winkenwerder also held various significant roles in the health insurance industry including senior executive posts at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the Kaiser Permanente, and the Academic Medical Center of Emory University.  As a health professional, Winkenwerder is an internist and a family doctor. He also holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Winkenwerder replaced Highmark former CEO, Kenneth Melani, who was fired in the middle of a scandal involving an illicit affair with an employee. Melani was arrested in March 2012 after figuring out in a brawl with Mark Myler, husband of Melissa Myler to whom Melani was having an affair with. The fight took place at Myler’s residence. After being charged criminally, Melani was placed under unpaid administrative leave. A week after, Highmark came into deciding of having the CEO fired. Dr. J. Robert Baum, Highmark’s Chairman of the Board temporarily took over as acting CEO. Highmark started as a health insurance provider in Pennsylvania since 1930s and is now being considered as one of the biggest providers of health insurance policies in the United States.  Highmark Insurance does not market car insurance but does  have locations in Harrisburg, PA,  Pittsburgh, PA, Philadelphia, PA and Erie, PA.


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