Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Claims Game

Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Post Date  January 21, 2014 – After a major storm like Super Storm Sandy struck hundreds of homeowners across the Keystone State were left with Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Claims.  The one good thing is these  PA residence will not be paying hurricane deductibles on their Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Claims. Bad news is, Pennsylvania homeowners insurance claims processes were tedious and a long drawn out ordeal for some insureds.

Pennsylvania homeowners insurance claims process should be easier after a disaster

The Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance claims process maybe frustrating for some policyholders.  The most important thing is,  you will receive what is due to you. Although there might be a long wait between the Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance claim, when the insured files his or her claim and when the Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance claims payment.  Insurance companies are required to pay claims in a timely fashion.  If the insurance company does not pay their claims –  the will face huge fines.

Waiting to get paid by your insurance carrier can be an inconvenience. While you are waiting, what can a policyholder do to secure their damaged home while your Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance claims payment has not been paid?

After a storm or severe natural disaster, damaged homes need to be repaired.  In some cases the home is so damaged it can no longer be habitable. The question is what do you do in this situation?  Pennsylvania homeowners insurance policyholders can turn to disaster loans provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  You can borrow as much as $200,000.  The money can only be used for repair or replacement  of damaged real estate. As for repair or replacement of damaged personal properties, both renters and homeowners can loan up to $40,000. As for business establishments, they can also borrow. They can borrow up to $2 million to replace or repair their damaged real estate, they equipment, and other business assets. According to (FEMA), people who wish to apply for these disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration can call and register for the loan process.