Things You Can Do To Lower Your Pennsylvania Car Insurance Rates

Things You Can Do To Lower Your Pennsylvania Car Insurance Rates

While most of us cringe at the idea of buying something we hope we’ll never use in the future, buying car insurance is inevitable. It may be difficult to save money on auto insurance, but there are a lot of things you can do to lower your Pennsylvania car insurance rates.

Pennsylvania Car Insurance rates are not likely to lessen anytime soon, but you can do something to reduce the sting. Check out the tips below and see how you can:

Save on Your Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Combine policies with one carrier
If you have inquired about insuring all your vehicles on a single policy, you might end up obtaining a lower quote. Your Pennsylvania car insurance rate may also go down if you decide to buy a life of homeowner’s insurance from the same company.

Purchase a low-profile car
Buying a huge SUV may sound exciting, but keep in mind that insuring a top-of-the line vehicle is significantly more expensive as compared to a low-cost car. Generally, the more expensive your car is, the more expensive insuring will be.

Also, before making a purchase, it would be best to speak with your car insurance agent and determine the Pennsylvania car insurance rates of the vehicles that you are considering.

Install anti-theft devices
Installing an anti-theft device is a great way of reducing your annual premiums. However, if lowering your premium is your primary motivation for installing anti-theft devices, you might want to take a moment and consider whether the cost of adding these devices is worth the trouble and expense.

Deer Auto Collisions In West Virginia Is Nations Highest

auto deer collisionPost Date July 21, 2014 – Although West Virginia is known as The Mountain State, it also holds the distinction of having the highest rate for deer auto collisions. This means that when you are driving the streets and highways of West Virginia,  auto deer collisions are consistently higher than any other state in the United States.

For the last 7 years,  West Virginia holds this distinction based on the data collected on the number of Deer Auto Collisions insurance claims data compiled by State Farm Insurance Company.  Based on the State Farm report, deer-auto collisions in The Mountain State are 1-in-48. Deer Auto Collisions in the rest of the United States is 1-in-183.  What is more surprising is that collision and comprehensive auto insurance claims involving deer-related claims have increased in  the past four years, compared to the other type of claims including weather, fire, vandalism, etc.

Aside from West Virginia, other states have also showed an increase of the rate for chances of deer auto collisions. 

A spokesman for State Farm recently stated, “I think it’s interesting that, in the context of those other types of claims, deer claims are increasing”.  The spokesman also said that the trend of lowering accidents does not apply to deer auto collisions.  Aside from West Virginia, other states have also showed an increase of the rate for chances of deer auto collisions. These states are South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan and’s home state Pennsylvania.  Although Pennsylvania and Ohio are simular, the state of Ohio’s deer auto collisions dropped by a little over 2% in 2012 over the previous year – 2011. Michigan reported a 4 % drop on its number of deer-auto crashes. The Michigan Deer Crash Coalition had reported earlier that the deer-related crashes have resulted to 1,464 people injured, and eight dead in 2013.

Uninsured Drivers Beware!

Driving Without Auto InsurancePost Dates July, 22 2014 – Although uninsured drivers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey live with the harshest financial penalties for driving a car without an auto insurance coverage; other states invoke other penalties much more severe.  Ohio uninsured drivers must also deal with the inconvenient punishment of having your car taken away  from you and impounded by the local or state police.

The enforcement of any state car insurance laws requires uninsured drivers purchase at least a minimum amount of auto insurance.  

This state minimum auto insurance limit in all states starts as a bill which outlines the penalty that will allow law enforcement agencies to tow the cars of those uninsured drivers caught driving without the required auto insurance policy in that state.

Uninsured drivers caught driving without an auto insurance coverage can be towed by law enforcement even if it is their first offense. Before the passage of these laws,  only the vehicles of second-time offenders are being towed by law enforcement.

If you have an expired policy and that you don’t feel the need to renew it, or if you are one of those thousands of Americans whom are uninsured drivers – you may not feel threatened by the penalties being instituted. THINK AGAIN!

It’s easier than ever for Law enforcement to confirm the fact a car or driver does not have auto insurance.  Legislative efforts in most  states give law enforcement agencies the ability check if a vehicle or driver is insured. Auto insurance status is now available with the use of state auto registration database’s.

Uninsured Drivers should be reminded to maintain the state required auto insurance coverage in the you live.    These laws are not just to protect the driver themselves, these laws, fines and penalties exist to protect uninsured drivers from destroying the lives of other people.

PA Car Insurance Death Statistics Tops 300

PA Car Insurance Death StatisticsPost Date May 4, 2014 – In their annual management report for 2013,  PA car insurance claim statistic’s showed Philadelphia automobile fatalities reached nearly 300. This is much higher than its preceding year which PA Car insurance deaths in Philadelphia were less  than 240 deaths from auto accident.  According to PA car insurance claims statistics, nearly 120 of the nearly 300 deaths involved drivers and their passengers. This is 50% higher than 2012. In a similar statistic, were 200 deaths in the city attributed to those riding a bike or motorcycle.

PA car insurance deaths are the focus of a recent study

The recent annual management report shows a true anomaly in traffic fatalities for the last fiscal year since the year 2003. PA Car Insurance death statistics had been showing a decreasing number of auto deaths. The report even showed there was an increase in auto deaths to 291 in 2012 despite trends on four consecutive years were still dropping.

Although there is an increase in traffic deaths, the number of traffic accidents had actually dropped since 2011. Most of the traffic deaths in Philadelphia transpired on highways like Roosevelt Blvd and I-95.  Factors being attributed to the PA car insurance death statistics are speeding, running red lights/stop signs, and DUI and DWI. These account for over 50% of these traffic deaths.

It has been reported PA Department of Transportation have speed bumps and speed  in specific problem areas  to slow down speeding car in more populated areas such as schools. There are now  near 330 speed humps in the City of Brotherly love. Other safety improvements executed by Department of Transportation include the redesigning and construction of streets near schools as part of the department’s “Safe Routes through School Areas” program.

With the said program, the Department of Transportation currently has 85 street redesign and construction projects on schools. Completed projects are now within 35 schools.

PA Insurance Points For Deadly Driving Behaviors

PA Insurance PointsPost Date February 1, 2014 – A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that most PA Drivers desire to observe safe driving practices.  Other PA Drivers will be assigned PA Insurance Points for their deadly driving behavior.  Texting, talking on a hand held Cellphone, Shaving, putting on lip stick; all these are considered deadly driving behavior and will earn you PA Insurance Points.

PA Insurance Points will cost you much more for your PA auto Insurance policy

We all understand these simple acts are common place for many drivers in PA.  Other states have  taken steps to regulate these simple habits by creating laws to punish those drivers who continue texting while driving and practice other distracted driving habits. The survey shows drivers feel texting  while driving is a serious threat.  Sadly, nearly 40% of the drivers also admitted they text, call, and e-mail while they drive. Others also admit to Drinking and Driving.  This will earn you more than PA Insurance Points; you will lose your license and go to jail. All drivers consider driving after having a drink to be serious a threat. Although unacceptable,  nearly 15% of all drivers whom admitted to have driven a vehicle although aware their alcohol level is legal allowed limit.

There are other deadly driving behaviors which don’t seem as serious.  Of those PA Drivers surveyed, one out of four drivers admit that they do drive without wearing their seatbelt, run red light and Speed above the post speed limit. Speeding over the  posted limit especially on highways and even in residential roads tops the list. Three Quarters of all drivers say speeding is unacceptable.  Still, 15% of those drivers report speeding at least 15 MPH over the post speed limit.  percent of these drivers admitted that they have done it so. Almost all drivers consider it to be unacceptable to run through a red light but 37 percent admitted to have done it.

Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Claims Game

Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Post Date  January 21, 2014 – After a major storm like Super Storm Sandy struck hundreds of homeowners across the Keystone State were left with Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Claims.  The one good thing is these  PA residence will not be paying hurricane deductibles on their Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance Claims. Bad news is, Pennsylvania homeowners insurance claims processes were tedious and a long drawn out ordeal for some insureds.

Pennsylvania homeowners insurance claims process should be easier after a disaster

The Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance claims process maybe frustrating for some policyholders.  The most important thing is,  you will receive what is due to you. Although there might be a long wait between the Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance claim, when the insured files his or her claim and when the Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance claims payment.  Insurance companies are required to pay claims in a timely fashion.  If the insurance company does not pay their claims –  the will face huge fines.

Waiting to get paid by your insurance carrier can be an inconvenience. While you are waiting, what can a policyholder do to secure their damaged home while your Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance claims payment has not been paid?

After a storm or severe natural disaster, damaged homes need to be repaired.  In some cases the home is so damaged it can no longer be habitable. The question is what do you do in this situation?  Pennsylvania homeowners insurance policyholders can turn to disaster loans provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  You can borrow as much as $200,000.  The money can only be used for repair or replacement  of damaged real estate. As for repair or replacement of damaged personal properties, both renters and homeowners can loan up to $40,000. As for business establishments, they can also borrow. They can borrow up to $2 million to replace or repair their damaged real estate, they equipment, and other business assets. According to (FEMA), people who wish to apply for these disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration can call and register for the loan process.

Low Cost Car Insurance Rates For Hybrids

Low Cost Car Insurance Rates For Hybrids Post Date January 10, 2014 – With in excess of one million cars sold, Toyota Motor company is the number one (1) top-seller for hybrid electric motor car. Not only does the Toyota Prius hold the top spot for top selling car, it holds the top spot for low cost car insurance rates.

Low Cost Car Insurance Rates For Prius and most Hybrids are found at

Since Toyoya Prius holds the number 1 position of the United States a hybrid top-seller, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) investigated the Prius’s hybrid car’s theft history. NCIB’s report showed both the Prius low theft rates and the low cost car insurance rates.  The report studied all Prius thefts that were reported to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) in the last 12 years. The first case of Toyota Prius theft was recorded on September 4, 2001. The low cost car insurance rates for the Prius reduced over many years of low theft statistic.

The data shows despite the Toyota Pius’s growing popularity in the US Car Market, the theft rate has maintained to be exceptionally low and that it even has a higher theft recovery rate. This is the primary reason why the Prius low cost car insurance rates.

Since Sept. 4, 2000 until June 30, 2012, there have been nearly 2500 Toyota Prius Automobiles have been in the stolen. Since Pennsylvania is the third largest auto insurance market in the United States. It’s also the state with the third highest rate of auto thefts.  The top spot is held by California  then Florida. Northern New Jersey near the New York Bridges are also high volume theft areas Statistically, the Toyota Prius has the lowest theft rates among stolen vehicles in all these states.

Knowing a vehicle’s theft rate is one factor that can help you in shopping for automobiles and eventually for shopping auto insurance. Car Insurance companies use risk factors in rating one’s auto insurance rates, and one of the risk they are looking into is the vehicle’s susceptibility to theft. With that knowledge, provides low cost car insurance rates for the Toyota Prius and most hybrids.

Sending A Text To A PA Driver Can Land You In Jail

Sending A Text To A PA DriverPost Date January 4, 2014 – If you knew that sending a text to a PA driving would could cause a serious accident, would you still send it.  Sending a text to a PA Driver can cause a number of problems.  If you send a text message which eventually causes an accident while responding to that text, you may be held as responsible as the driver whom caused the crash because destracted driving and sending a text to a PA driver is against the law.

Sending A Text To A PA Driver Needs To Stop

A recent decision court decision regarding a couple who were both severely injured after being hit by a teenage driver who was sending a text to a PA Driver.  The PA Auto Accident occurred a few years ago when a couple who were riding on a motorcycle. The couple filed a lawsuit against  driver but eventually settled for $500,000. However, they also sued the driver’s girlfriend who was sending a text message to a PA Driver prior to the incident.

But this lawsuit did not prosper and was later dismissed as there was no evidence that will show that the girlfriend did have the knowledge that her boyfriend was driving at the time of exchange of messages, or that he was texting while driving.

The appeals court in Pennsylvania explained that a person who sent a text message to a driver who would then cause an accident can also be held responsible if the sender was aware the other person receiving the text was driving.

Texting while driving had been a hot issue among motorists in the United States as this had become one of the top reasons why car crashes occur. With the alarming rate, a number of states are institutionalizing laws penalizes texting while driving. However, authorities have been having a hard time implementing the said laws as traffic enforcers are having difficulty knowing that drivers are using their mobile devices while having theirs hands busy with the wheels.

As to promote safety, encourages that drivers must refrain from using their mobile phones while driving their car, trucks and motorcycles. If you know someone is driving,  you must refrain from engaging them in text messaging conversation.

Farm Truck Insurance Protects All Farm Vehicles

Farm Truck InsurancePost Date August 12, 2013 – Although farm truck insurance is not required in many states, farmers find the need to protect their major vehicle investments. And farm truck is only one of such major investment.  These farmer vehicles do not come in cheap and farm truck insurance is important if these investments are damaged by accident.  Those involved in farming must protect their farm vehicles with farm truck insurance policy. These type of policies can be purchased at or from any licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent.

Farm Truck Insurance Policies are available through

Farm truck insurance is specifically designed to answer the need of farm owners whom have motor vehicle insurance specifically tailored to their farm vehicles such as trucks and tractors not used on public streets, roads and highways.  These vehicles are not only pricey investments, they are also a vital part of  a farm’s operation, and therefore, it would be a must for any good businessman to protect all investments made for his business.  Although not legally required; all farm trucks need farm truck insurance. This policy is particularly recommended for farm vehicles operated within the vicinity of a farm land and it must be maximize in farming tasks such as transporting farm products, fertilizers, or the delivery or transport for repair of farm machines. Farm vehicles can also be maximized for personal use. They be used to transport family members from the farm to the town, used for shopping and other activities aside from farming.  Any vehicle including farm trucks are susceptible to untoward incidents. These vehicles are not so different with other types of vehicles which can be subjected to theft or can be involved in traffic accidents. No one really knows what can happen to a particular truck’s operation. It may cause damage to other people and their properties, or it may cause itself physical damages.

Auto Insurance Companies To Reimburse Customers

Auto Insurance CompaniesPost Date April 5, 2013 – Four Massachusetts auto insurance carriers were recently served with law suits.   The car insurance carriers were sued for overcharging their customers through their legally mandated surcharges.  Those with accidents, tickets and violations even DUI”s were effected.  The Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, whom recently ran for the United States Senate in a statement disclosed that settlements were filed last month with four auto insurance companies;  Massachusetts Home Insurance Company, Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts, Pilgrim Insurance Company, and Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation. The settlement terms with the auto insurance companies the said insurers will impose an audit on their insurance policies in order to determine how much will be refunded to consumers. The payment will be collectively given by the Massachusetts auto insurance companies through out the state. Aside from the refund to it’s car insurance company customers, interest will be paid to all the victims.

Auto insurance companies to return over-payments…..

There may be a number of extra payments paid to the over charged customers.  The Attorney General’s Office will be conducting audits to insure all the misappropriated funds.  Coakley said they began investigating the surcharges after they received a complaint from a customer whose surcharge were already overturned by the Board of Appeal in 2010. The complaint was against Metlife Property & Casualty. The outcome of the investigation showed that in 2012, the Met and other auto insurance companies  did not refund the consumers of  $700 in car insurance overpayments. The case resulted to a settlement in January this year.

When investigating other insurers, the attorney general found that the four car insurance carriers mentioned above are still charging the surcharges. The Board of Appeals in Massachusetts is very much like the Department of Insurance in the State of Pennsylvania.  Both organizations are independent bodies tasked to review the fairness of how auto insurance companies set rates, determine surcharges and resolve issues for insurance customers.  In the past ten years, the Board had already vacated more than 40,000 surcharges and the refunds were imposed through settlement with auto insurance providers. Coakley’s office is still evaluating other Massachusetts auto insurance companies and their surcharge practices.


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