Pennsylvania University Researches Risk And Insurance

Post Date June 10, 2012 – In order to further promote and circulate research materials on risk and insurance, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School recently establishes the new Wharton/Penn Risk and Insurance Program (WPRIP).  According to a university press release, WPRIP will promote the interdisciplinary study on the theoretical, empirical, domestic and global topics on the area of insurance and risk management. The topics will include government risk management, as well as corporate and household risk management, health and longevity risk management, property risk and casualty insurance. WPRIP will also promote research on Pennsylvania health and life insurance, pensions, and the legal aspects of risks management and insurance.  Scott Harrington, a Wharton professor of the University of Pennsylvania on Insurance and Risk Management and Health Care Management, also the current WRIP academic director, stated that crisis related to health, financial, and meteorological had underscored the need for a much comprehensive insurance and risk management study. Harrington as quoted said, “Our goal (WPRIP) is to provide new insights that will provide valuable to policy makers, consumers, and insurance and risk management professionals alike.”  The new program has been established in conjunction with the said university’s Law school and the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. WPRIP activities will showcase workshops and conferences, working paper series, white papers, funded research and periodic research briefs.

Wharton School is a business school of the University of Pennsylvania with campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco. It is being considered to be first business school in the United States. One of their already-existing global initiatives pertaining to the insurance industry are the: S.S. Huebner Foundation for Insurance Education that was named after the pioneer of insurance education, Solomon S. Huebner; Boettner Center for Pensions and Retirement Research; and the Pension Research Council. WPRIP will work closely with this existing Wharton centers to leverage each other’s capabilities.

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