Pennsylvania’s National Health Partner Now In Partnership With A Hispanic Marketer

National Health Partner’s, a Horsham,  Pennsylvania based health care savings organization has recently partnered with a major Spanish Speaking/Hispanic marketing group in a bid to spread the word about its products in the Spanish Speaking/Hispanic market place. One of the major reasons for the effort is to penetrate further into this specialty market and further raise its profit margins through increased annual sales.  The Hispanic marketing group will take up the responsibility of promoting  a group of products. The CarExpress discount health program will market to Hispanic communities living in the US.  This means that marketing effort will be directed towards regions and cities that contain huge Hispanic populations. 

According to a statement from president and CEO of National Health Partners,  David M. Daniels, plans for more of these partnerships in future are part of a strategic plan to establish the organization’s foothold. “Hispanic markets have always been our major niche markets and as we mentioned last week, we want to increase sales in these markets by 75 per cent”, said Daniels. We expect the partnership to lead to massive cash flow, strong growth and new sales.  The CEO also stated that the organization is expected to grow in terms of organizational structure in future.

National Health Partners is an organization whose core business is to provide health care membership programs to both the underinsured and underinsured individuals who constitute over 47 million Americans. It does through its discount healthcare membership program CARExpress. The organization boasts of a nationwide presence through an elaborate healthcare savings network and one million plus medical professionals belonging to PPOS such as Aetna and CareMark.

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