PIP Insurance In Michigan May Exclude Seniors

PIP Insurance In MichiganPost Date December 4, 2013 – PIP Insurance In Michigan may be excluded for Senior Citizens if a proposal in the State Legislature is approved.  Since the states auto insurance is no-fault, it requires all drivers to buy PIP insurance in Michigan to ensure that all drivers are covered for medical expenses when involved in an auto accident.

PIP Insurance In Michigan may see changes for the better

The proposal excluding seniors from buying PIP insurance in Michigan is being introduced by Republican representative, Jeff Farrington. The Bill will exempt older motorists in the state from purchasing PIP insurance in Michigan.  This would make Michigan auto insurance much cheaper for those drivers 65 years old and above. This proposal is also gaining support in the Michigan Senate. Senator Rick Jones announced recently that he planned to introduce a Senate version of the said bill. Jones thinks that this proposal is crucial in handling the expensive PIP issue that affects most senior citizens who are on a fixed income. Michigan auto insurance premiums are believed to be higher because senior citizen drivers are viewed to be bigger risks. The cost of PIP insurance in Michigan is higher because of the price of medical for those injured in a car crash.  The bill is being considered as part of an effort to reform the Michigan auto insurance system.  Auto Insurance, specifically PIP insurance in Michigan is known as one of the most expensive across in the United States. Both auto insurance consumers and car insurance carriers in Michigan view the current no-fault insurance system to be the the cost of PIP insurance in Michigan is so expensive.  The state has not only been vulnerable to expensive medical bills,  but also to auto insurance fraud.  The claims associated with PIP insurance in Michigan has contributed to huge losses that hurts both insurers and the entire Michigan auto insurance policyholders.