Progressive Insurance Just Saved Me $500.00 On My Family’s Car Insurance

Friday’s Post  February 3, 2012 – I’m telling you the truth.   In fact, I’ll be more than happy to show you my Car Insurance Bill if you ask.  When I first heard the claims made by my Progressive Insurance Company Representative – I was skeptical.  Although the company claimed their average policy holder will save 20%, it seemed to good to be true.

I have been a loyal Progressive Insurance Agent for 19 years placing over $25 million dollars with the company during that time.  Although I have had my car insurance with Progressive Insurance Company several times over the years, I’ve been with another major name brand car insurance company we represent for the last 5 years. Since both my auto and home insurance were bundled with the same company, I felt our premium was just to good to be beaten. Since we do annual rate comparisons for all our customers car insurance policies;  including my own, I knew I was paying the least possible amount available.

So let”s talk about how easy The “Snap Shot” Program is to sign up for. Of course you need to call us at (800) 807-0762.  We will provide you with your first money-saving auto insurance quote which will beat your current pricing.  Once we bind you for coverage, you will received the “Snap Shot” plug-in module in about a week.  Follow the simple directions and Plug it in under your car’s dash-board and drive safely.  Most every car has the Port needed for “Snap Shot”.   You can track your safe driving progress at  In about 30 days once the calculations a made, you will receive a revised invoice showing an additional discount off your premium. I am happy to report our discount was 24% which will save my family $500.00 on two full-coverage cars. Give us a call as see how much you can save.


Michael E. Dortch
President &  Managing Agent
Corporate Home Office
618 South Broad Street
Lansdale, Pennsylvania  19446
(800) 807-0762  ext. 602