Proof Of Ohio Car Insurance Goes Electronic

Proof Of Ohio Car Insurance Goes Electronic Post Date January 8, 2014 – More and more states are now discussing  proposals that drivers can present their proof of auto insurance coverage electronically through their mobile phones, computers and even tablets. It appears the State of Ohio is no different.  Proof of Ohio car insurance in an electronic format is being considered as an option in the Ohio Department of insurance and may be introduced in the Ohio legislature.

Proof Of Ohio Car Insurance using your cell phone is here to stay

An Ohio State Representative recently introduced a House of Representatives a bill proposing that proof of Ohio car insurance go electronic. I know what your thinking, a hassel right?  It’s just easier to prove your financial responsibility to the police using your ID Card – right? The one thing about having to provide Proof of Ohio Insurance via your electronic device is – your device will actually show if your Proof of Ohio Car Insurance is in force. The insurance carrier will prove via the Smartphones or other electronic devices if you are paid up to date. Proof of Ohio Car Insurance via an ID Card does not prove anything.  Although your card showed Proof of Ohio Car Insurance was current on the effective date, you may have since allowed the the policy to lapse.

The Ohio legislator patterned it’s bill after a similar laws being implemented in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota and California. The Property Casualty Insurance Association of America (PCIAA) had announced there are already 2 dozen states that are having this option of presenting electronic proof of insurance electronically.

According to the PCIAA, consumers are already using their phones for many things and that most facilitate less paper transactions. Most states that have considered passing such law, the traditional practice of having proof of insurance on paper is still being retained and that the electronic insurance card serves as an additional option in proving to authorities that they are following the law.