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If you’re tired of hearing about how much money people are saving from switching car insurance companies, but can’t get those savings yourself. Then read on as I explain how you could save hundreds of dollars $$$ on your car insurance.

Michael Dortch
Founder of InsureDirect, Inc.

I’m Mike Dortch, Founder of Insure Direct…

You have heard it all before…just click and save. But the truth is that all those online insurance companies out there use the same automated computer system to generate quotes.

Filling out forms online can be time consuming and frustrating. I know, I’ve been there. But we offer something a little bit different: With one short online form, Shop up to 30 top carriers at once!

We don’t just compare premiums, we also compare the features of each different auto policy making sure to get you the best coverage at the best price. And we will work with you to help you determine your monthly payments.

Saving on your car insurance is easier than you think…when you contact InsureDirect.

…I’d gone round all the sites, independent, carriers, and on and on, but all I got was the same stale offers. InsureDirect was different. They did the shopping for me, and nothing saves time like having someone working on your behalf…

Michael Paule
Sun City, FL

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The secret to finding real savings on your car insurance…

All insurers are not created equal and all drivers are not created equal. That is why we work with you to understand your credit profile and driving record. Good, bad, or somewhere in between…everyone has a unique situation. And this is where our team of licensed professionals comes in – Our agents do the insurance shopping for you, highlighting your attributes and circumstances in the best light possible, and getting you several quotes to make sure you get the best deal available in your state. Since, we partner with over 30 companies nationwide, no matter where you live, work and drive we can find the right coverage for you. And at the right price!

If service and satisfaction are important to you, then InsureDirect is the company for you.

Working with InsureDirect was the best move I’ve made. I have a few accidents on my driving record and finding a company to insure me was pretty tough. So I called InsureDirect and their agents not only found great coverage, they got it for me for less than I was paying.

Elizabeth King
San Diego, CA

We Shop the Top 30 Companies and
Find the Best Deal For You

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If only you knew how to unravel the mysteries of the auto insurance industry, you could easily save money and hassle. That’s where we come in. We know how the industry works and we put our vast experience to work for you.

And since we know the ins and outs of the business we are able to pass that savings directly on to you. So when you go with InsureDirect you save a lot of money and just importantly, you save time.

We make sure of it!

I love the idea that all your folks are working for me! I know you guys looked at tons of different companies and came up with the best plan for my unique situation. You saved me about $350 and I didn’t have to do a thing. Highly recommended!

Dennis Simmons
Leesburg, FL

Earning Your Trust….One Step At A Time

Our agents measure their success in the trust they earn from our customers. Our motto is integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. And yes we know that it is hard to measure trust that is why we work just a little harder to earn and keep your business. We have been serving customers for over 18 years. Our coverage is extensive and our service is outstanding – and we have been protecting drivers and delivering great value since we opened our doors in 1992.

Our experienced agents take the time to review your coverage and select the policy that best meets your needs – all for the lowest available price. So we make sure that you save money and all with the personal attention you deserve.

Claims Reporting Made Easy

When you’re an InsureDirect customer, contact us any day, any time to report a claim. We begin working on it immediately. And we offer concierge service too – simply drop off your car at a service center and we take care of the rest, from writing estimates to arranging repairs.

The agents at InsureDirect helped me to find the right coverage for my new car…and at a great price. They took all my information over the phone and got me 3 quotes in minutes. I saved over $270 compared to my local agent. They were so friendly and helpful and it took a whole lot less time than I thought. Anyone who is looking for cheap insurance should call them today…it was fast, it was easy and I saved a ton.

Kirsten Mackenzie
Denver, CO

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