Reasons to Switch Your Auto Insurance

Reasons to Switch Your Auto InsuranceChanging lifestyles, growing families, new homes and new jobs are common occurrences for many of us. As your life goes through transition, the auto insurance that once suited your living situation may no longer be the best option today.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the reasons why you should consider shopping for a new auto insurance policy. Here are some of them.

When to Switch Your Auto Insurance

You bought a new car
In the eyes of auto insurance companies, all cars are not created equal. The model, make and safety rating of your car can affect your car insurance rates. So, if you have bought a new car, it may be wise to start shopping around for new car insurance.

You got a traffic ticket
Ideally, marketing companies would check your driving history before they provide you with a quote. But the checking doesn’t stop there.

After purchasing your policy, the company will check your driving history every 12 to 18 months.

Any marks on your record will definitely affect your car insurance rate. In the event that a traffic ticket causes your rate to rise, it might be a good idea to start getting quotes from a few insurance companies to see if you can get a lower auto insurance rate somewhere.

Bad customer service
Auto insurance is a service-driven business, so they should provide you with quality service. If you’ve had problems attempting to resolve a claim or do not get a timely response, then maybe it’s time to switch to a new car insurance company.

But before you do so, it is important to do some research to determine which companies offer a good experience. You can start by asking your family and friends for referrals or check your state’s Department of Insurance to see the company’s complaint ratio.