Recall! Chrysler on Jeeps , Jaguar on XF Cars

Two different automakers announced recently a recall on some of their models for unrelated reasons. These recalls are expected to affect around 750,000 vehicles.

Jaguar is recalling all of its 4,195 XF executive cars sold in the United States due to potential fuel leak issues, while the American automaker, Chrysler is recalling Jeep Liberty vehicles (2002 and 2003) models that were manufactured from January 9, 2001 to March 28, 2003, and Jeep Grand Cherokee sports utility vehicles (2002-2004 models) that were manufactured from the period February 13, 2001 to May 23, 2003.

According to the information from the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Chrysler’s recall will affect around 744,822 vehicles. The take-back is due to a faulty air bag control module. The said faulty module increases the risk of injury or potential car crash as the airbags may deploy by accident even while the vehicle is being operated.

To fix Chrysler’s jeep problems, Chrysler will be installing a supplemental jumper harness to the module. The recall will start on January 2013.

As for the Jaguar XF cars from the Jaguar Land Rover, the recall aims to fix a potential fuel leak problem. Believed to have been affected with the issue are those XF cars having 5-liter gasoline engines that were modeled in years 2010 to 2012.

These XF cars may have a defect on its fuel tank fuel outlet flange which experts believe may crack and will result to a leak, or worse, vehicle fire. Jaguar had already received reports on this issue and had attended to 17 warranty claims. However, the problem had not yet caused an accident or injuries.

On those warranty claims, Jaguar customers reported smelling fuel odor, and that the engine light is on. In some cases, there fuel on the ground. Upon checking, technicians have found a crack in said affected area.

On the Jaguar XF recall, dealers will be replacing the affected part. The recall is to start not later than Dec. 7.