Receiving A Ticket For Texting Will Increase “Car Insurance Rates”

Tuesday’s Post 1.23.2012 –  Oklahoma lawmakers submitted a Bill for review and ratification, which would prohibit drivers from using their cell phones for text messaging.  Legislators have also introduced a companion  law which would impose major fines and increased Car Insurance Rates for those drivers whom ignore the new laws. The new laws will not apply to reading electronic messages provided by your motor vehicle’s monitoring systems and or a GPS Monitor which are considered not as much of a distraction. The biggest change in these laws would be the proposed penalty would constitute a true moving violation.  These violations would also carry the same fines and possible licenses suspension measures for repeat violators. For example, the proposed laws calls for a first fine of $200 and double and triple fines for repeat offenders. If  it’s determined a driver is involved in any type of traffic accident, regardless the severity while texting,  your car insurance rates would increase dramatically.  The problem in most states is these laws and moving violations are considered a “secondary violation.” Law enforcement could not pull over a motorist solely on the suspicion the operator is or was reading or sending a text message. The state of Oklahoma is one of a few states which don’t have serious laws regarding texting while driving a car. This will also have a major effect on both the cost of Car Insurance Rates and the renewal insurance Policy.  As mention in the earlier narrative, texting while driving has been considered a minor violation.  With the new emphasis on texting as a more serious offense, drivers should expect higher online car insurance rates and more severe violations as a result of these texting infractions.

The general public in almost every U.S. State have pointed out the hazards of driving while texting or engaging in other distracting practices behind the wheel. Distractions behind the wheel of the car was cited as a factor in as many as 10% of all accidents on our streets and roadways.


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