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Category Archives: Renter’s Insurance

The Bailout Program?

The Bailout Program?

July 8th, 2011  – UPDATE:  It’s been 9 months since I created the earlier post.  The economy has not gotten any better.  In fact; it’s my opinion it’s become worse.  The amount of policy cancellations for non-payment of premium is at record levels.  Our busiest day of the week is Friday.  No one has money till Friday. I read… Continue Reading

Internet Insurance Agencies Maybe Endangered

Post Update August 7, 2012 – When hearing the term “endangered species,” most folks immediately think of the Bald Eagle, or maybe the Panda (no pun intended).  What you may not know is there’s an internet insurance agency which was recently put on the Endangered Species list. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Yes,… Continue Reading

Why Your Credit Rating Affects Your Ohio Auto Insurance Rates

Did you know a good driving record does not always guarantee you a good rate on auto insurance? It’s true. For some time now, insurance carries have adopted the practice of using an individual’s credit rating as a underwriting factor when it comes to writing and issuing an auto insurance and homeowners policies for their customers. Auto Insurance and Homeowners Carriers feel that credit is a strong predictor of present and future risk and therefore, persons who have a poor credit rating should be charged higher Auto and Homeowners Insurance rates – compared to persons with good a credit rating should be provided with a lower premium. Continue Reading

Everyone Pays for PA Auto Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is nothing new. People have tried to collect on insurance policies when they haven’t actually had a loss, or have had a smaller loss than they’re claiming, since the beginning of the insurance business. In fact, insurance fraud has been been ranked as the second most expensive white-collar crime that is committed. Continue Reading