Santa Cleared of Causing House Fires

Sunday’s Post 12.25.11 – The North Pole –  Friday 12/24/11:  In a unanimous 8-0 decision which did not surprise any on-lookers in the court’s gallery yesterday morning;  Saint Nicholas was found “Not Guilty” of causing two house fires Christmas last year. It was nearly a year ago, 12/25/2010, when Fire Departments in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey were called to put out two living room fires which were mysteriously started and very similar.  Although no one was hurt and thankfully no children’s christmas gifts were lost; the damage in both fires cost the families homeowners insurance companies $1000.00 each.  The Fire Chief in both cities determined the damage was both caused by Santa when he entered the home and accidentally tripped over a burning log when coming down the chimney. 

Coincidently; both homeowners purchased their Auto Insurance & Homeowners Insurance through InsureDirect at  Although the claims were paid immediately and without question of fault , the homeowners insurance carrier felt Santa was responsible and his Business Liability Insurance Company through North Pole Mutual (NPM) should reimburse the cost of the damage.  After North Pole Mutual conducted their own investigation, they declined to reimburse the cost of the damage which landed to two insurance companies in court yesterday. Santa’s Insurance Company determined the logs in both fireplaces were not disturbed by Santa and the fire started when candles were knocked over by the family pet in both houses.  The Jury agreed with the attorneys explanation for North Pole Mutual and found Santa “Not Guilty” of causing the damage.  Santa’s flawless Christmas Eve travel record has been maintained as he gets ready for Christmas. Although hundreds of reporters waited outside on the court-house steps so he could answer questions; Santa was reported to not have time for interviews and immediately returned to the North Pole to prepare his sleigh for this years Christmas Deliveries.


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