Shopping for Auto Insurance when you own a Hybrid and Electric Car

There are many reasons why some people would prefer spending a little more in order to get themselves a Hybrid or Electric Car. Some do it for environment’s sake, while others who are more financially savvy do it for the sake of saving some dollars for fuel. For those who don’t have a clue what Hybrid or Electric Cars are, hybrid and electric cars are gas-saving cars and thus reducing fuel costs. Electric cars use nothing else but the energy stored into its batteries. In other words, they are no longer dependent on the increasing prices of fossil fuels. Hybrid Cars are combinations of gasoline/diesel cars and electric cars. Using ingenious energy-saving components, the batteries of hybrid cars are constantly charged and discharged as the car travels, which reduces the car’s fuel consumption. Because of increasing demands, every automobile manufacturer now has its own hybrid models.

Since hybrid vehicles are more expensive, it is presumed that their owners are more responsible as well. This means that there is a reduction of odds of an auto accident and thus owners qualify for cheaper car insurance premiums. Owning a hybrid car qualifies you for an auto insurance discount, but does not automatically mean that you’ll be getting it. There are innumerable factors that decide the car insurance premium price: driving record, years of driving experience, and loyalty to the company. When you insure several vehicles on the same car insurance policy or acquire multiple policies from the same auto insurance provider you’ll be getting a great payment in the form of discount, for showing loyalty to the company.

Other ways of getting discounts are acquired through different methods of payment; such as when you pay a lot in advance, you’ll be getting a ‘fully-paid discount’. Besides this method, you could also lower your premium through making the least number of claims possible. Other factors like the safety features (e.g. anti-locking brakes, airbags) of your hybrid will further cut your premium.

In order to get the best auto insurance quotes, your research should cover as many auto insurance companies as possible. The best way to do this is through the internet and call the car insurance company which appears to be the most honest and appealing. Using the internet, especially when utilizing car insurance comparison websites, can guarantee better odds of finding the company that offers the widest coverage, the most superior services at the most affordable price. represents the nation’s top 30 auto insurance carriers.  One call to (800) 807-0762 will save you up to $550.00 per year. If you are on a tight budget because of the economy; we have cheap Down-Payments as low as $47.20