Some Bargain New Jersey Auto Insurance Rates Result In Shoddy Claims Handling

Post Date March 29, 2012 – Most NJ Auto Insurance Companies and body shops recognize the more obvious causes of their problems. Thinking people in both industries have advocated more coöperation in correcting collision repair abuses by lost cost auto insurance companies. Unfortunately, however, laws governing both liability and collision auto insurance tend to discourage coöperation and promote an adversary relationship between two businesses which should be working together. Sadly; even when a major car insurance company rates are sufficient  and pays a body shop adequate funds to provide a first class repair; there are those dishonest repair facilities which will cut corners and provide used parts and poor quality work. As you can see; both the NJ car insurance industry and the NJ auto body shop business have their fair share of those looking the beat the customer out of what they paid for.

The size, vulnerability,  and ability of  New Jersey car insurance companies to obtain expert legal advice keeps them within the letter of the law. On the other hand, the size of most body shops not part of a national chain can do what they want and pretty much go undetected.


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