PA Car Insurance Rates Jump During October 2012

Rates going upPost Date October 6, 2012 – Pennsylvania car insurance buyers will soon feel pain both at the pump and their PA car insurance rates.  Over the next few weeks and months, online car insurance consumers will find nothing but unhappiness. Those auto insurance shoppers will soon go back to the auto insurance sites and sadly find the PA Car Insurance Rates they received before have drastically increased.   Many  insurance automobile underwriters who have filed for rate increase have just been approved the PA Department of Insurance and are scheduled jump will to take effect October 5,  2012.

Progressive  and other carriers PA car insurance rates will soon cost more

One auto insurance  in particular will be increasing their rates by almost 7% full percentage points. Progressive Insurance Company customers will see an increase of $5o.oo and $70.00 per policy period for everyone of their policyholders. This means if you are insured with Progressive Insurance Company, your PA Car Insurance Rates will increase as much a $140.00. If you are one of our Progressive Auto Insurance Customers, you don’t to worry about the PA Car Insurance Rates increasing. As most of you are aware, we constantly monitor your policy to ensure you’re paying the lowest PA Car Insurance Rates. We represent over 30 different Auto Insurance carriers so we can assure you your paying the lowest PA car insurance rates.

Progressive Insurance Company‘s PA car insurance rates with increase for new policies on Oct. 5, 2012. Those Progressive Policy holders whom have their policies renewing the future will not see their PA Car Insurance Rates increase until Nov 14, 2012.  Over 24,000 Progressive policyholders are to be affected of this rate change. Since we are on of Progressive”s largest agents will well over 1000 Policy Holders, don”t be concerned.

Another few auto insurance carriers will see their PA Car Insurance Rates increase as well. Horace Mann Auto Insurance, Teachers Insurance Company, Hartford Auto Insurance and Integon will their rates increase on Oct. 16. The rate increase is set at 1.7 percent overall which translate to a $14 average hike for each of their policyholders. Around 5,370 Horace policyholders will be affected by this increase. As for the Teachers Insurance Company, a 2 percent overall increase will be seen. This will amount to an average of $12.82 increase for their more than 5,000 policyholders. These rate increases will affect over 2o,000 Pennsylvania Drivers.


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