South Carolina Woman Soon To Seek Drunk Driving Insurance Rates

Drunk Driving Insurance Rates

Drunk Driving Insurance Rates

Post Date August 4, 2012 – Not only sentenced to serve time in prison for drunk driving, a South Carolinian
woman was also ordered to read the Bible. The said sentence was handed down recently by Rock Hill Circuit Court
Judge Michael Nettles to Cassandra Tolley who will serve eight years behind bars. The judge also ordered Tolley to
specifically read the Old Testament and make a summary on the Book of Job that contains a story of a man who bore
great suffering but had never lost his faith in God. Although the women was sentenced to eight years, statistics show
she will be out of jail much earlier.  When she is released and wanting to drive a car, she will be required to pay Drunk
Driving Insurance Rates.  Where most agents and companies can only offer high risk auto insurance coverage to those
with a DUI, we specialize in that type of coverage and always have the lowest Drunk Driving Insurance Rates.

“She will need Drunk Driving Insurance Rates”

According to police reports, Tolley had a blood alcohol level of 0.33 when she figured in a car crash that injured two men in 2011. Tolley was reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road. A law professor from the University of South Carolina, Kenneth Gaines, commented that the judge does not have the authority to hand down such sentence under normal circumstances. However, Gaines said that if the accused consents, then it will not be an issue. Tolley’s lawyer, Amy Sikora announced that her client who was also ordered for substance abuse counseling has already started the assignment given to her.  Tolley’s pastor commented that the sentence will actually help Tolley better understand her crime and be a better person once she leaves prison. Depending when she gets out will determine how long she will have to pay Drunk Driving Insurance Rates.


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