State Farm Cuts Auto Insurance Rates In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanians have reason to celebrate during this Holiday Season because auto insurance premiums are expected to go down by 1.3 percent. Starting December 26, policyholders are expected to save $16.5 million annually in the Keystone State. The move is eagerly awaited by policyholders who expect they will pay less for their monthly payments. The same reduction had been made in the previous month in the states of Georgia and Alabama. The numbers of claims had been reduced in all three states and this is why State farm has lowered the rates downwards. This was a  huge  break for policy holders especially in the face of the current economic crisis where everyday expenses are going through the roof. These Auto Insurance Rates are a welcome gift, however, the reductions will not be made on all policies. Car Insurance Rates on collision coverage are expected to drop dramatically. The coverage indemnifies policyholders who are involved in collisions. The cuts will not be uniform for all customers as some will have to pay more. This is largely because liability and medical payments are high in some policies and thus the reductions cannot be the same. The rates will vary depending on factors such as , annual mileage and type of cars. Last month, Alabama customers received a 2 percent reduction, effective from Nov 21st, this translated to about $ 10,000 million savings per year.  Georgia was another major beneficiary with a 2.2 percent cut in premiums; this move was prompted by the reduction in some claims. This is indeed a major break for policyholders who have been saved millions. The company officials at Sate farm reported a drop in premium rates which began last week.  This reduction will save policyholders $23 million this year. Customers interested in knowing how the reductions will come into effect are directed to visit the www.State


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