The State Of Cheaper Auto Insurance In New Jersey


If you have been a long time New Jersey driver, specifically living in the Hamilton Township or the Trenton area,  you know how difficult it has been to find a cheap car insurance rate in the Garden State.  For the last 25 years, New Jersey has had the highest car insurance rates in the nation.  As a licensed auto insurance agent in the state since 1998; I have personally watched many NJ auto insurance carriers simply pack their bags and leave the state because of the high monthly payments they must charge their customers just to stay in business. 

The good new is; the auto insurance environment has become a bit better over the last few years. Since 2002; a number of Car insurance companies have entered the state of New Jersey. New Jersey drivers are now being provided a much-needed break.

Several companies have also returned to writing auto insurance policies in New Jersey. Although shoppers are finding it less difficult to find  car insurance coverage when they need it most, there are only few licensed agents like whom represent these low-cost carriers.

Other long time New Jersey companies are now offering to continue coverage to existing customers, but are refusing to offer new policies to auto and home insurance to shoppers. Travelers Insurance Company is still accepting new applications for both New Jersey Auto and Home Insurance Policies, Progressive, Mercury and Personal Service Insurance Companies are as well but few agents in New Jersey represent these carriers.

Although is a nationally licensed insurance broker, we have specialized in writing the state of New Jersey since 1998. In 1998, we identified The State of New Jersey as an auto insurance markets needing some help. 14 years later, we are one the largest auto insurance agents in the state. Regardless if your driving record is perfect or you have accidents, tickets, violation or even a DUI – we have many insurance carriers to meet you  and your  families needs.