Student Auto Insurance Can Cost Double

Auto insurance costs for students or young drivers in Ohio may go as high as double than the average costs to insure drivers within the age bracket of 25-64.

This is due to the fact that drivers under the age of 25 are most likely to be involved in vehicular incidents thus their age bracket are being considered by insurance companies to be potentially high-risks to insure.

There are many reasons experts have established as to why young or student drivers are potentially exposed to losses. This may be due to their lack or insufficient driving experience, their lifestyle or the way they act within their age, and the youth’s nature to be much more aggressive.

The cost of insuring young drivers in Ohio particularly in the city of Cleveland and nearby areas can cost from a little over $1,500 to more than $7,000 annually. These premiums are actually more than double than a single, male driver within the age bracket of 25-64 can have. This particular student auto insurance cost, however, can already provide more than the minimum requirements in the state. Aside from the basic liability coverage that includes bodily injury and property damage, these annual premiums can also cover uninsured/underinsured motorist and physical damage. As what the experts have been saying, young drivers are high risks for losses, that they are prone to accidents. So, why not give them adequate protection?

But if you prefer to carry only the minimum insurance requirements to cut-down on student auto insurance costs, you can opt not to include physical damage both collision and comprehensive coverage. This can cut the annual premium into half or more than that. Annual premiums can go as to a little over $700 to a little more than $2,500 depends on which insurance carrier you choose.

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