Summertime Safety – Know What Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Summer is here again, with all its liability hazards amid the sun and fun. Without seeming to ruin your fun, a few words about summer safety and why it is important to know what your homeowners insurance covers would be of great help. Under normal circumstances homeowners insurance covers your house and property through hazard insurance. Besides the structural part of your house, the hazard part of homeowners insurance protects furnishings, personal items and possessions as well as any structure you might have in the compound like a swimming pool and a garage. The exception is when you are using these structures for non-residential functions like business or rental. Business items are not covered in hazard policies.

Homeowners insurance also covers personal liability too. For example if the paper boy is bitten by your dog, or if the mailman trips over a skateboard carelessly left on the driveway after a long summer day, your homeowners insurance will cover the victim’s medical expenses and or law suit. With children running wild at home during summer, hazard insurance will even cover damages caused by your kid should he or she ride a skateboard over your neighbor’s newly cemented path. You would also need to look for cheap auto insurance quotes online besides the homeowners insurance with all the teenage and young adult drivers taking the car for long summer rides. Teenage drivers are bound to push limitations on their learner’s driving permits during summer. It may help to compare auto insurance quotes online at least to be prepared for any summer eventuality involving you car.

It is customary for most people to make a few upgrades to their homes during summer. If you are one of those who install a brand new pool for summer, you would need to take precautions and have it covered in your homeowners insurance. The pool presents a few more reasons why you would need a liability cover for it during summer. For example, your neighbor’s son might decide to climb over the fence to take a midnight swim in your pool with dire consequences. He might hit his head on the side of the pool while taking a high dive. In case of such accidents, you would be more at peace knowing you have coverage for such liabilities.

Your homeowners insurance Umbrella should cover every aspect of your summer fun. It should cover all your motorized equipment from your family boat to your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Every liability associated with boats and motorcycles need to be covered during summer as this is a time when children and young adults are most likely to be involved in accidents. Finding a good homeowners insurance and an insurance umbrella should not be a daunting task. You can simply search online for a company that provides a good package for you auto insurance, homeowners insurance and Umbrella.