Will Supreme Court Find Obama Healthcare Law Unconstitutional?

Friday’s Post 12.23.11 –  Since the passage of Obama Care nearly 13 months ago, both private business concerns and state governments all over the United States have been looking for a way out of participating the  highly unpopular and costly Health Insurance Program.  Although the majority of the program’s provisions have not gone into effect, health insurance costs have skyrocketed.  Our own company’s group health insurance has increased by 40% for no rhyme or reason.

A few weeks ago, The United States Supreme Court started scheduling appointments  for hearing arguments in late March 2012 regarding the controversial healthcare overhaul law of President Barack Obama. The high court consents a proposition made by three parties in the legal battle and by two attorneys who have been assigned to debate with certain standings. The court concluded that the first set of briefs must be submitted in early January. In February, the other side will file their briefs, and finally, reply briefs would have to be presented in early March to finally be heard by the end of that month. Last November 14, the Obama administration implored defending the law and urging it to be divided into two separate appeals in 26 states and an independent business group challenging the law and prompting it to be liquidated.

The court will need to answer the following questions:

1.  Did the  U.S House and Senate exceed its authority when it required all Americans to buy health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty?

2.  If Obama’s mandate is illegal;  will the rest of the law be able to survive?

3.  Do challenges to the mandate have to abide until they take effect in 2014?

4.  Did the congress improperly coerce the states to increase the Medicaid program which provides healthcare to the poor and the disabled?


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