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DUI In Texas Could Get You Life

Dui in Texas gets you life in PrisionPost Date December 2, 2013 – Yes, although very scary – you have read it right. Driving Under Influence or DUI in Texas could get you a life sentence in jail.  A driver can be cited for DUI in Texas if his or her blood alcohol concentration will reach the .08 level, or if he or she is impaired due to drug use.

DUI in Texas will cost you dearly

The statement made above is regarding a 44-year old woman who was caught and convicted of her 6th DUI in Texas. The woman identified as Rose Ann Davidson was recently sentenced by a Texas Jury.  She will be spending the rest of her life in a Texas prison after being convicted for her sixth DUI in Texas.  Davidson was last arrested while driving on Interstate 35 in July 2012.   She was pulled over by a Texas Department of Public Safety Police Officer when he observed her driving erratically.  The State police officer said that when he pulled Davidson over, there was an open container of beer in the vehicle.

Davidson’s prior convictions for DUI in Texas can be recorded back  to her first in 1996. She has also  previously been served to prison time for her previous DUI in Texas convictions. In Texas, getting caught with an opened container of Alcohol can earn you a fine up to $500.

If you are stopped by a Texas Police Officer and convicted for the first time to have been driving under the influence,  you will received a hefty fine of $2,000.  Depending on your involvement, you can also be sentenced to time in jail.  In addition to your DUI in Texas, you will lose your driver’s license for a minimum of 180 days.

Additional offenses will mean a fine of $10,000, up to ten years in prison and suspension of driving privilege for two years. You will also need to pay an annual fee of a thousand dollars per year for three years when your Texas Drivers License is returned.  Of course the fines, suspensions and jail time have nothing to do with your Texas auto insurance. Depending on the severity of the DUI incident,  a driver’s auto insurance premiums will increase dramatically. There is a big difference between being stopped for a DU in Texas and being involved in an accident along with a DUI in Texas. In either situation, you are considered as a high risk driver. Where you can purchase auto insurance, be prepared to pay a very high rate.  Although mostly all Texas Auto Insurance Carriers charge very high rates to those drivers with a DUI, offers the lowest rates for a DUI in Texas.

Texas Auto Insurance Companies Victims Of Fraud

Post Date May 6, 2013 – A Chiropractor and an owner of  a  chiropractic clinic in Bryan, Texas admitted to conspiracy after defrauding several Texas Auto Insurance Companies for  nearly 4 million dollars.  The owner, Marion Young, 42 years old, of the now out of business “Private Chiropractic Care”. Young admitted that for two years,… Continue Reading

Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance Available In TX

Post Date March 15, 2013 – Electronic proof of auto insurance  is sweeping it’s way across the country.  Texas may be the  next  state to approve the use of electronic proof of car insurance coverage in the U.S.  Carrying a car insurance ID  in the State of Texas is as an important as carrying a… Continue Reading

Truck Insurance Policy To Pay PA Turnpike Spill

Post Date September 15, 2012 – A Federal Court Judge ordered a Texas Insurance Company to pay for the major clean-up from a tarry type material one of their client spilled all over the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 2011.  A claim of such magnitude of such a claim will cause the truck insurance rates of any… Continue Reading

Texas Auto Insurance Required In Lone Star State

Post Date September 1, 2012 – Texas auto insurance is required for drivers in The Lone Star state.  Texas requires drivers to shift or defray the costs of a drivers at fault auto accident liability which he/she or their owned vehicles can cause.  Texas drivers are required to maintain Proof of Financial Responsibility which can… Continue Reading

Allstate Car Insurance Company May Require Policy Bundling in 2012

Allstate Car Insurance Company May Require Policy Bundling in 2012

Monday’s Post 1.2.12 – Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance carriers have started to non-renew the polices for policy holders whom refuse to bundle their insurance products such as homeowners insurance and car insurance coverage.  This change means carriers are not non-renewing consumers based solely on the real losses suffered by many of their policyholders in the year.  A leading insurance  and economics expert outlined the… Continue Reading

Texas Public Safety Officials Eliminate Thousands Of Unsafe Commerical Trucks

Texas Public Safety Officials Eliminate Thousands Of Unsafe Commerical Trucks

Saturday’s Post  12.24.11 –  According to a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the states department of motor vehicle;  safety officers have disposed of around 66,000 unsafe commercial vehicles and suspended the commercial drivers license’s of more than 12,000 unsafe commercial drivers since the beginning of 2011. The Director of  the Texas… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Ruling Instructs Car Insurance Carriers To Pay For Claims Caused By Unauthorized Driver

Supreme Court Ruling Instructs Car Insurance Carriers To Pay For Claims Caused By Unauthorized Driver

Saturday’s Post 12/3/11 –  Today’s Post is involves an issue which I experienced personally. The US Supreme Court recently ruled an auto insurance carrier is now required by law to pay for any damage to rental cars even though a driver is not authorized by the rental contract. The majority carried the day during the hearing. The bone of contention is… Continue Reading

Texas DOT Introduces New Car Crash Information System

Texas DOT Introduces New Car Crash Information System

Tuesday’s Post 11/01/11 – The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has finally launched  “Crash Reporting and Analysis for Safer Highways” (CRASH).  With this internet application,  automobile accident records are now easier and more efficiently transferred. This newly completed secure web-based application allows law enforcement agencies to send reports to the TXDOT electronically. Furthermore, it hastens the… Continue Reading