Texas Public Safety Officials Eliminate Thousands Of Unsafe Commerical Trucks

Saturday’s Post  12.24.11 –  According to a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the states department of motor vehicle;  safety officers have disposed of around 66,000 unsafe commercial vehicles and suspended the commercial drivers license’s of more than 12,000 unsafe commercial drivers since the beginning of 2011. The Director of  the Texas Department of Public Safety said that more than  300,000 commercial vehicles were analyzed by vehicle enforcement personnel and Texas Highway State Troopers. Out of their analysis, the DPS eliminated more than 66,000 vehicles and 12,000 drivers from the state’s roadways as they were deemed to be breaching safety margins. It’s been determined Commercial Vehicles are responsible for more than 15% of the fatalities in Texas auto accidents every year. Where most drivers choose to obey the law; others attempt to drive safely in unsafe vehicles or drive unsafely in perfectly safe vehicles.  In some cases, drivers were found not to carry any type auto insurance.  Operators like these “pose a serious threat” to everyone travelling on Texas’s roads and highways. The aim of this program is to reduce the number of crashes caused by unsafe commercial motor vehicles and drivers who operate their vehicles recklessly.

One DPS enforcement operations  falls in an area called “Operation Texas Thunder”. Following continuous objections about truck traffic in McMullen Country, Operation Texas Thunder suspended around two-thirds of all vehicles inspected.  In another event during Texas Thunder operations held in the Corpus Christi area, 400 fines were cited and 206 cars were eliminated from the Texas Streets. The outstanding work by these Texas State Troopers and inspectors has undoubtedly prevented hundreds of accidents and saved even more lives and prevented injuries. Other efforts have been brought to bare to uncover Texas companies inclined to violate the law and place innocent people in danger.  These companies knowingly keep dangerous vehicles  and drivers on Texas Highways.


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