Texting While Driving Now A Crime In South Dakota’s Biggest City

Texting While DrivingPost Date September 13, 2012 –  Anyone whom has read my auto insurance industry Blog;   is well aware of my position on both the use of hand-held cell phones and texting while driving a car or truck.  Although a number of states have banned the use of hand-held devices for the use of texting while driving ; there are States like South Dakota while have entirely rejected and proposal of a ban on texting while driving.  Although the state government’s view is misguided, the South Dakota’s largest city has gone against its state legislators and legislated a measure to enforce a ban on texting while driving in Sioux Fall City.

Texting While Driving Kills

Sioux Falls City,City Council introduced and passed an ordinance prohibiting drivers from sending and receiving text or electronic messages while operating any type of motor vehicle.  Texting while driving within the city limits of Sioux Falls City, South Dakota is a violation of this ordinance will be considered a very serious crime.  The new ordinance will go into effect  two weeks from today on September 28. Any driver caught violating texting while driving  in Sioux Falls City will face a fine of $200.  Anyone convicted of multiple offenses of the new ordinance will face a much stiffer fine and 30 days in jail.  The new Sioux Falls City ordnance is very different that many similar laws I have discussed in the past.  Unlike the typical texting while driving ban in other states, the U.S., Sioux Falls City only prohibits the sending and receiving of electronic messages. Drivers can still receive phone calls from a hand-held phone. Sioux Falls was able to pass legislation due to City home rule which allows passage of measures not forbidden by state law. The ban on texting while driving in Sioux Falls was introduced by the Citizens for Cell Phone Safety While Driving.


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