The Need For Truck Cargo Insurance

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Want to engage in the trucking business and provide cargo transport, hauling or freight services to other companies or individuals? Don’t just contend yourself with commercial truck insurance, secure your cargoes too with truck cargo insurance.

Truck cargoes can be expensive and in the event that these products would be loss in transport or be damaged while in your custody, can really hurt your business especially if you do not possess the necessary protection. Not having this type of policy can also contribute to a negative impact for your business image if a loss takes place.

Remember, as the trucking company is trusted to deliver the goods, it is your duty as the transport party to insure that these cargoes be safe, and if it is unavoidable, then you must be ready to take responsibility.

Other reason to have truck cargo insurance in your policy is that this is also being required by law. Code 49 USC 1390 of the US Department of Transportation mandates truck drivers engage in cargo transport operating within federal jurisdiction to have cargo insurance. Minimum requirements for such coverage are set at $5,000 for loss of contents or damage, and $10,000 for aggregated damage or loss. This is being required so as to protect truck companies, freight forwarders and their clients.

If you want to establish a cargo transport or freight services company with a very good reputation and want that business endeavor to last long, take all the precautions. Take responsibility responsibly. Show your clients that you can guarantee that their goods and investments are safe in your hands. Worry not on the price you’ll have to pay. Think of long-term effects. Besides, truck cargo insurance can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.