Three U.S. States Really Have Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Friday’s Post January 20, 2012 –  Drivers whom buy their budget auto insurance in the States of Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota are very lucky indeed.  These drivers feel they have really cheap car insurance rates.  This is in contrast to other states, like Louisiana, Washington D.C. and  New Jersey which all suffer with a high level of frustration with the highest car insurance rates in the nation.

Cheap car insurance rates are regarded as a indicator of the economy where inflation is to blame for steady increases in many types of cost of living expenses across the board. These states cheap car insurance rates  face little chance of increase while they continue to experience a truly steady and competitive insurance marketplace. Cheap car insurance buyers always greatly benefit from a stable and closely underwritten insurance marketplace.

On the other side of the coin, Louisiana insureds face the most costly car insurance rates in the nation. At an average of $150.00 per month for liability only;  Washington D.C. and New Jersey are the most expensive states . This Auto Insurance Comparison Report was based on actuary and statistics data ordered by NIAC. The results are available at the group’s official website, and includes data for multiple years with statistic and costs of coverage and exposure, losses and claim submissions.

The report above was compiled using the public data  and information found on the NIAC Web-Site. Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Uninsured Motorist, No Fault Insurance and other special circumstances are included in the final per-state estimates.

State laws are also considered in making determinations on the cost of  Discount Auto Insurance Premiums for single vehicles on a by-state basis, as well as costs for collision repair, crash rates and theft statistics, along with other available data.


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