Ticket for DUI Can Have Lessor Effect On Your Auto Insurance

Tickets for DUIPost Date May 30, 2013 – Although accidents can increase your auto insurance rates, ticket for DUI will have a lessor effect on the same rates.  In many cases, auto insurance rates can increase to around twenty percent or more, depending on the weight of your misconduct.  Even though traffic violations can increase one’s auto insurance,   let it be clear that these increases are observed differently from policy to policy.

Where a  ticket for DUI can increase rates to around 19 percent, being ticketed for reckless driving can have a 22% to 25% of increase.  Other traffic violation which will raise your car insurance rate driving without a license and careless driving.  These rates can drive up your rates to around 18 to 20 percent.  A ticket for failure to stop can give you 15 percent increase. This is also the same with driving more than 30 mph over the speed limit. A ticket for improper turn or improper passing can cost you only  a 14 % increase.  Being cited for following another car or truck too closely, you can

expect around 13 percent increase in your auto insurance rates. When you are caught not using seat-belts, you can expect a very small violation amounting to only 3% of your total annual rate.  Getting caught driving without insurance can give you an increase of 6 percent to 8 percent.

Ticket for DUI cost you less on your auto insurance than an accident.

Those percentages are just average in each violation as available  from the different insurance companies. These increases are levied by your insurer.  They feel when you start accumulating more and more of these violations – you will eventually have an accident which will cost the auto insurance money. Traffic violations and having a ticket can mark your driving record and increase your rate. However, there are also ways you can lessen the impact of tickets on your insurance. The most common of which is by petitioning the court to lessen your offenses or to dismiss your violation entirely. But still, the most effective ways of preventing such increases is to drive safely and always in accordance with traffic laws.